Frequently Asked Questions

Click on Investor Login and follow the prompts. If you’re registering with our system for the first time, click on Register New Account. You will need your Security holder Reference Number(SRN) and your post code to set up your account.

Quarterly distribution statements are available via the online investor portal. All investors who have provided their email addresses in the past will receive an email notification after every distribution payment alerting them to the availability of a new statement.

Due to excessive costs, we no longer post hard copies of quarterly distribution statements. All investors will receive an annual tax and periodic statement, which includes a summary of their distributions, following the end of each financial year.

The Dividend/Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) is currently suspended. 

An investment in Waratah Hotel Group is considered illiquid. However, there are options for investors wishing to sell their securities.

Contact our office for any further information.

Waratah Funds Management Ltd is the Fund Manager; that is, it is the AFSL holder and responsible entity of Waratah Hotel Fund (one of the entities that forms part of the stapled Waratah Hotel Group). Waratah Funds Management is responsible for structuring the investments and driving returns to investors.

Waratah Hotel Management is the Asset Manager; that is, it controls the day-to-day operations of the hotels. It is responsible for driving profitability at the individual venue level. Waratah Hotel Management manages venues owned by Waratah Hotel Group and other owners.

In June 2016, BlackWall Property Trust (ASX: BWR) owned over 95 million Waratah Hotel Group (formerly Pelathon Pub Group) securities. BWR then distributed those Pelathon Pub Group securities as an in specie return of capital to each of its investors. As a result, every BWR investor continued to hold two separate investments: their existing BWR units and their new Waratah Hotel Group securities. For information on your Waratah Hotel Group investment, contact us. For information on your BWR investment, contact BlackWall.

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